What Dog Equipment Do You Need?

Once you have decided that its time to bring a puppy or any aged dog into your home then you need to think about some of the important items that you need to purchase.

Dog Bowls

You new dog is going to need their own set of bowls to eat and drink from. Remember, if you are buying a puppy that you will want a smaller set of these. When the pup matures depending on the size of the dog you may need to replace this with a larger set.

Dog Bed

This new addition is going to need their very own place to sleep and rest during the day. There are a few choices available to you here. You can go with one of the fluffy soft dog beds that lay on the floor, or you can choose to go with a dog crate or cage. If you want to ensure that your dog is going to remain in one place during rest time then you may want to go with the crate or cage.

Collar and Leash

Your dog will need a collar and leash for when you take him out for his daily exercise. The size again will depend on the size of your dog. If you dog is still growing then you may have to keep buying new collars that are appropriate. Some people prefer to use a dog harness as opposed to a collar.

Grooming Supplies

You will want to keep your dog looking fit, so this creates a need for some grooming supplies. A dog brush and comb is required. Nail clippers may also be another item if you are going to clip the nails of your dog yourself.


No matter what the age of your dog, you should have a selection of toys available to help them when cutting their teeth and to keep them active and ward off boredom.

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