Training Your Dog

One of the responsibilities that you will have as a dog owner is training him. Your plans may be to eventually enter the show circuit with your dog which will then require additional training.

House Training

One of the first things you will want to train your dog to do is go outside to the bathroom. This takes a few days of training, but once the dog catches on then you will no longer be dealing with mistakes in the home. Some people like to start first with paper training, then transition the dog to going outside to do their business. Others like the direct approach. Most often puppies need to go to the bathroom soon after they have eater or awoke from a nap. Approx. a half hour after these instances take your puppy outside to where you want them to do their business. Be patient, but once they have done what they are supposed to do then reward them with lots of praise and perhaps a small treat.

Basic Command Training

It is important that your dog learns the basic commands of come, sit, stay and lay. Their obeying these commands will help to keep them safe, plus make it very pleasant to have your dog in a social environment. Some dogs learn faster than others, but with patience and understanding the majority of dogs being trained properly will catch on to this. You can either train your dog yourself or do so with the help of a dog trainer. A dog trainer will usually involve you so that you know how to follow through with the commands and the dog obeys you.

For show training you may want to use the help of a professional. The type of training required will depend on the type of show you will be putting your dog into.

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