Top 6 Puzzle Toys for Your Dog

dog puzzle

dog puzzleEvery pet owner knows that leaving a pining pooch at home is heart-breaking. Whilst it may feel great to be greeted by the most enthusiastic dog in the world when the working day ends, it can be indicative of a bored puppy.

More commonly, a dog might take to chewing cushions or furniture, a problem sadly too often diagnosed as a behavioral problem.

Eventually, this can lead to depression which is often mistaken for the dog ‘mellowing with age’.

Thankfully, there are toys and activities that can simulate a dog’s brain, maintain their active and keep them entertained. Here is a top ten of the best dog puzzles on the market.

Kong Classic

Whilst certainly not new in the world of dog toys it certainly is reliable and simple. By manipulating the durable rubber toy, moving it around the room and shaking it about, the persistent hound will eventually force the toy to give up some of the goodies the owner has buried inside.

Coming in at under $10, Kong Classic is a great way to find out whether interactive toys are the way to go without breaking the bank. Coming in both a small and large size, Kong Classic can be used for either dry or sticky treats and unscrews to make cleaning an easy task.

The Nino Ottosson Dog Brick

Created by one of the original inventors of dog puzzle toys, this gem of Swedish design comes in either wood or plastic. Dog Brick certainly ups the game when it comes to making a dog work for its treats.

The game works by hiding the pets preferred treats under several bricks and pegs. That sensitive nose will detect the morsels within the toy and have to work to slide bricks and lift pegs to be rewarded.

AFP Food Maze

Many of the items on this list are aimed at stimulating pets whilst they are on their own, but not this doggy brain teaser. Here is where the AFP interactive food maze differs, offering the chance to slow down a dog’s normal gulp it down quick attitude to eating their food.

Using a winding maze of channels and grooves, this unique dog bowl not only brings the eating speed to a more measured pace, but also stimulates the brain by forcing new neural pathways to be built as it searches for the most efficient way to get the food.

Dog Twister

Not only humans can benefit from that colorful contortionists contrivance, so too can man’s best friend. Slightly different to the original, Dog Twister will have any dog flipping round in circles trying to grab a treat.

Similar to the Dog Brick, this little gem of a toy contains the treats behind a wheel that the dog must twist and turn to find its reward.

For those concerned that their dog will quickly work out the pattern to releasing the goodies, this toy contains a handy little locking mechanism that makes releasing the treats harder and less predictable, but not impossible.

Hide a Squirrel

The Hide-a-Squirrel range of toys has been on the market for some time and with great success. Along with the latest addition to the range, Squeak, the concept is basically the same and no less challenging.

The crafty and subversive owner will stuff a furry log with some equally furry squirrels that squeak.

The dog’s mission, if it chooses to take it, is to pull each one of those furry critters out of the log and have as much fun as it can making them squeak and shaking them about as only a dog knows how.

Hours of fun and made of extremely durable materials that are suitable for canines of all ages.

The added bonus here is that this is not a treat based toy so there is no concern that the dog will gain any extra pounds whilst keeping itself amused.


Bringing the list into the 21st century is the iFetch. This can be considered either a lazy owner’s way of keeping the dog amused when picnicking in the park, or the smart owner’s way of keeping that hound out of trouble at home.

Automatically hurling rubber balls over a distance of either 10, 20 or 30 feet this battery powered wonder keeps any dog amused for hours without getting tired. Once the dog returns the ball to the iFetch another ball shoots out and the game starts all over again.

Whilst the iFetch could be a little pricey for those on a budget, coming in at over $110, it does have a cheaper self-powered alternative, the iFetch Frenzy which relies on the dog returning the ball to the toy which then rolls it out in a random direction. For under $40 this version is great for those who want something for indoors that won’t smash the chandeliers!