The Origins of Brueik

Brueik Scottish Terriers

When it comes to the breed of dogs many people have their preferences. For those that are going for the pure breeds they often want to be able to show them and perhaps breed them as well. In many cases there are certain breeders who specialize in one specific breed. This holds true for the Scottish Terrier. While there are many breeders for this specific type one of the well-known ones is the Brueik breeders who have made a name for themselves breeding find terriers called the Brueik Scottish Terriers. This particular breeder along with a few others are known as international breeders.

Breeder such a Brueik put a great deal of time into their breeding business. They will pick only the very best of pairs to breed and will avoid any breeding practices that are not considered to be ethical or the best practices

For the owners of the Scottish Terriers that are on the show circuit the breeder of their dogs is very important. It is common for the Breeders to name the pups after their breeding business name. This helps the breeder to promote their brand on the show circuit and brings in more buyers for future pups. The more known the dog becomes on the show circuit in turn the more known the breeder becomes.

Brueik is well known within this circuit. Often the offspring of a dog that holds the Brueik breeding name will also contain the Brueik as part of their name to signify the bloodline.

Dog ownership, showing and breeding is a very important industry in the UK and all of these areas bring a great deal of pleasure to those that are involved in them. Being a owner of a dog with a pedigree brings a great deal of pride to the owner.

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