Dog Hobbies

Keeping your dog happy and healthy is two of the main responsibilities that come with dog ownership. Keeping them happy often means lining up some dog hobbies for them to participate in.


One of the most common hobbies and the easiest to teach is the game of fetch. All this requires is for you to throw a ball or a stick for your dog to chase after and bring back to you. If your dog is a chewer chances are he or she may stop along the way to you to have a good chew on what they have just retrieved. With a little training you can teach your dog to bring the item back to you and drop it so they can fetch again. This provides good exercise and also some extra training for your dog.


Walking is another great hobby for your dog as well as you. It allows them to enjoy a different atmosphere outside of the home so it stimulates their brain. It also allows them to develop socialization skills when they come across other dogs or people.


It is a natural instinct for most dogs to forage for their food. They take pride in finding what it is they are looking for, and treats is usually the food most often used in foraging exercises. The dog has to use his instincts to find the goodies and this is stimulating for them.


Playing is a hobby that most dogs thoroughly enjoy because it allows them to interact with humans. Tug of war and finding squeak toys are two common events that they will spend hours at. Also, encourage your dog to play with their toys independently as well.

There are also other types of dog hobbies that you can get your dog involved in, and using a variety of them will ensure that your dog never becomes bored.

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