Daily Care of Your Brueik

Bringing home your new Brueik pup now means that you have some daily chores ahead of you. Being a dog owner means you must make a daily commitment to your new addition to your family.


You will want to set up a feeding schedule for your new Brueik. You may want to follow the advice of your breeder or veterinarian if this is a new experience for you. Puppies need to be fed more often and you want to be sure that fresh clean water is always available to them.


Your first training responsibility is going to be house training them. Also, for the first few nights they may need to be trained to stay in their own sleeping quarters. Following this you will want to implement some command training. Once you have accomplished all of this it is good idea to practice what the dog has learned on a daily basis. You may also want to teach them other things like doing a few tricks as this is stimulating for them.


Daily exercise is going to be a must not only in the puppy stage but throughout the entire life of the dog. This can be a mix of walking and running and playing high activity games like fetch.


Spending time with your dog even as quiet time is very important on a daily basis. It allows the dog to receive some love and attention from you and return it as well with their licks and kisses. It also important to make sure that you dog socializes with other family members, strangers and even other dogs. Alternating this on a daily basis will be mentally healthy for your dog.


There is no need to do a fully grooming on a daily basis. However, you may want to do a quick daily inspection of your dog to ensure they have not gotten any cuts or scrapes throughout their daily activities.

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