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Traveling With Your Dog – How Is It Done?

travelling with dog

As any dog lover knows it’s a hard thing to leave your furry friend behind when you have to go away. For one, on an emotional level, it’s difficult to say goodbye knowing how much you’ll miss each other for

Training Your Dog

One of the responsibilities that you will have as a dog owner is training him. Your plans may be to eventually enter the show circuit with your dog which will then require additional training. House Training One of the first

Buying a Puppy Brueik

So you have decided that you want to buy a puppy. Further more you have decided to buy a puppy Brueik. You have made a wise choice. The Brueik breeders are well known and respected in the pet industry. You

Why Choose a Brueik?

There are many different types of dog breeds to choose from in the UK. One of the most popular for many different reasons is the Scottish Terriers. For some individuals it doesn’t matter whether the dog they are buying is

What to Think About When Buying a Dog

Deciding to buy a dog is a big decision because it often means making a commitment for many years to come. There are some important things to think about when you are considering this. Do You Have the Time? Dogs

What Dog Equipment Do You Need?

Once you have decided that its time to bring a puppy or any aged dog into your home then you need to think about some of the important items that you need to purchase. Dog Bowls You new dog is